2nd place for ownCloud at File Storage Readers‘ Awards 2013

ownCloud as the number two Best Cloud-Based File Storage, beating out hefty challengers Google, Box and Ubuntu.

By ownCloud GmbH

ownCloud secure cloud solution for filesharing

ownCloud scores second at Best Cloud-Based File Storage Readers‘ Choice Awards 2013 behind Dropbox, ahead of Google, Box and Ubuntu.

Linux Journal readers spoke and chose ownCloud as the number two Best Cloud-Based File Storage in the Reader’s Choice Awards 2013, beating out hefty challengers Google, Box and Ubuntu, and falling short only to Dropbox – with its hundreds of millions of users.

According to the polls 16.3% of voters prefer ownCloud to other cloud-based storage options, ahead of rsync, Amazon s3 and SpiderOak.

Once again, this proves that people want more control over their data.

Shawn Powers, who put together the results for Linux Journal, wrote: “it’s great to see ownCloud nipping at [Dropbox’s] heels (…) because I love to see open-source alternatives whenever possible.”

It is such an honor to receive this kind of recognition from actual users – watch out Dropbox, you’re next.

ownCloud GmbH

Dezember 5, 2013

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