ownCloud Server 10.3 – It’s all about performance

ownCloud Server 10.3 comes with over 100 changes: introducing support for PHP 7.3, a completely new Media Player, improvements around OAuth2 and much more.
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We are excited to announce the release of ownCloud Server 10.3. With more than 100 entries in the Changelog the new version focuses on further hardening the stability and improving the performance of ownCloud Server.

Please note: ownCloud administrators should read the Release Notes carefully as the upgrade requires some manual interaction.

PHP 7.3 support

To meet the latest web technologies and to improve security, support for PHP 7.3 has been added to ownCloud Server. At the same time it is necessary to announce the final deprecation of PHP 7.0 with a later version around the end of 2019. ownCloud installations still running on PHP 7.0 should therefore upgrade soon to a later PHP version (preferably 7.2 or 7.3) to stay compatible with future server versions.

Introducing the completely new Media Viewer

The recently released Media Viewer extension is now the default viewer application for images and videos, replacing the former Gallery and Video Player extensions to combine them into one app and to meet the modern web standards.

ownCloud-media viewer zoom side by side

The difference between zoomed and unzoomed pictures is tremendous.

Improved OAuth2 session handling

To cope for some issues reported around the ownCloud Clients forcing users to re-authenticate from time to time when OAuth2 is used for authorization, the session handling has been reworked and improved. With Server 10.3 those issues are resolved.

Improved User/group sharing UI

Based on user feedback the user/group sharing autocompletion dropdown menu has been redesigned. Now the information is structured vertically for better space usage and to allow users to recognize different user types easily (e.g., internal user, group, guest user, federated user).

ownCloud server 10.3 sharing dialogue autocomplete

Improved sharing UI

Phoenix is coming

Phoenix, the upcoming new web frontend for ownCloud, is completely separated from the ownCloud backend and communicates solely via HTTP APIs. To prepare for the transition, ownCloud Server catches up with HTTP APIs.

In that spirit, there are new endpoints to use the Trash bin and to access Public Links as well as to send them via mail through ownCloud. These endpoints are currently in tech preview state and need to be explicitly enabled. Of course they can also be employed for other use cases.

Apart from that, Server 10.3 brings a lot of other improvements and smaller changes. More details can be found in the Release Notes and Changelog. Before you upgrade to the new version, you should read the upgrade best practices in the Documentation.

What do you think about these improvements?


Oktober 16, 2019

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