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QNAP Systems Inc. and ownCloud GmbH announce strategic partnership

Combining QNAP‘s industry-leading NAS devices with ownCloud’s leading open-source Content Collaboration Software
ownCloud and QNAP announce strategic partnership

QNAP Systems Inc. and ownCloud GmbH are pleased to announce they have entered into a global strategic partnership, combining QNAP‘s industry-leading Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices with ownCloud’s Enterprise Content Collaboration Software.

The long-term partnership focuses on providing ownCloud, the leading open source Content Collaboration Solution for file sync and share, on all of QNAPs devices supporting QTS 4.4 onwards. Both companies are already working on delivering ownCloud as a certified solution. In the coming months, it will be available through the QNAP App Center to be installed in a breeze and a few clicks.

The installation packages are updated with every new release and continuously maintained in the interim. Users can choose between the free Community Edition and the paid Enterprise Edition which includes premium features and professional support. Enterprise subscriptions will be available in the QNAP Software Store. Upgrades from the Community Edition to the Enterprise Edition will be straightforward and require no reinstallation.

The ownCloud Enterprise Edition for QNAP takes security and productivity to a new level. It enables secure content collaboration through comprehensive security features. Files are encrypted at rest and in transfer and can additionally be encrypted end-to-end. File access is protected by 2-factor authentication. For instance, the Secure View feature makes granting read-only access to confidential files safe and easy. This is especially important for SMBs with strong confidentiality requirements that still need to collaborate with external specialists.

For productivity, ownCloud enables easy collaboration as a single point of access that incorporates existing storage and existing users through APIs. With federation, files and folders can seamlessly be shared with users of compatible platforms, enabling infinite extendability while preserving data sovereignty. This empowers firms to work remotely and stay in sync across branches and even different jurisdictions while integrating external partners into existing workflows.

“QNAP and ownCloud complement each other’s offerings congenially for the benefit of users everywhere,” said Tobias Gerlinger, ownCloud’s chief executive officer. “Our partnership transforms a QNAP NAS into a fully fledged cloud solution accessible from anywhere with any device, boosting productivity while strengthening data security. We thereby offer a GDPR-compliant private cloud, as it where, to anyone.”

“Our corporate customers with their specific data privacy regulations can also benefit from the highest standards of security and compliance with advanced ownCloud features.”

“We are thrilled about our strategic partnership with ownCloud. It allows us to provide our global customers with an enterprise-grade yet budget-friendly content collaboration solution,” said Meiji Chang, QNAP’s General Manager. “Our corporate customers with their specific data privacy regulations can also benefit from the highest standards of security and compliance with advanced ownCloud features.”


Juli 29, 2020

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