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ownCloud Infinite Scale Sprint Review: GDPR Export, Webfinger, Customizable Roles and more

The latest Sprint Review meetings gave shape to several new features for ownCloud and ownCloud Infinite Scale, including GDPR-compliant data export, webfinger and notifications, among others. Moreover, the completely new architecture of Infinite Scale 3.0 is in progress.

Export Your Data Compliant to GDPR

With the brand new GDPR Export feature, data protection is delightfully user-friendly, as shown in figure 1. With a single mouse click, a user will now be able to export all his personal data that the server is using and that are applicable to Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) regulations – without manual intervention by the admin.

Infinite Scale's web interface: GDPR Export

Figure 1: New in ownCloud Infinite Scale’s web interface: GDPR Export.

The downloaded file is a simple .json file, for the demo user „einstein“ with the content shown in figure 2.

Screenshot 20230411 141234

Figure 2: A simple, downloadable JSON file holds all the data relevant for compliance with data protection rules.

Aside from that, other sprint reviews from March integrated much wanted features like notifications and configurable roles, extended batch processing and better support for multi tenancy into ownCloud’s products.

Sprint Reviews: Webfinger, Notifications, Multi Tenancy, Configurable Roles, Creation of Spaces from Files

At the end of every sprint, ownCloud engineers, our community, customers and external stakeholders gather in a video conference and present the progress of their work and engage in discussion. The first sprint of April was also the last one before code freeze of the new stable version, which is set to be published soon.

In the course of the last few weeks, the second beta version of the Android app has been released, introducing the webfinger workflow that helps users during initial configuration by automatically finding the desired ownCloud server – a feature very helpful with the equally new option of true multi-tenancy in ownCloud.

The Android app version 4.0 is scheduled to be launched in May 2023, and would be a significant step up from the current stable version 3.04. The ownCloud iOS client app has received a new fancy and welcoming onboarding screen, and its stable version v12 is also set to release in May. Both Android and Desktop clients can look forward to a series of features currently in development that will show up in the upcoming reviews.

Big news also from Infinite Scale and ownCloud’s web interface: Users can now create Spaces from folders or files, simply by highlighting files and selecting a context menu entry. Renaming groups and local groups are now possible, and the much requested guest user feature as we have with ownCloud server is on its way.

Infinite Scale 3.0 Architecture : Msgpack und Bleve Search Engine

Starting with Infinite Scale 3.0, metadata is stored as messagepack files (see admin documentation here). Typically, Messagepack files have a .mpk format, contain compressed JSON data and are very compact and fast. Having no limit in the amount of metadata stored in one .mpk file makes messagepack the best choice for longevity and scalability, and consequently make them future-proof, more so because using messagepack allows the use of standard filesystems. If you have started to use Infinite Scale before version 3.0, metadata was stored in extended attributes (xattrs) and is converted with the upgrade automatically.

Apart from that, Infinite Scale 3.0 is also equipped with the search machine Bleve, a full-text search and indexing service for Go. Bleve promises a simple top-level API, indexing of any object in your data model and a rich set of interfaces for extending the capabilities. More details on Search Service Configuration can be found in the Administrator’s Documentation page.

Would you like to know more? Check out the official documentation by ownCloud,  and if you want to test all the newest features right now, our Continuous Integration workflow allows demos directly from the developers, and is always up to date.

Markus Feilner

April 18, 2023

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