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ownCloud commercial launch confirmed for April 3rd
ownCloud secure cloud solution for filesharing

That’s right, it wasn’t an illusion, the launch counter changed from mid of March to April 3rd. Now, those of you who know me from my SUSE days know how committed I am to deadlines, but after meeting with so many of you at CeBIT the feedback was clear. Some of the features we thought were “nice to haves” in our inaugural commercial product you told us were “must haves.” We listened.

So, here it is, April 3rd, in concrete. We’ll get in touch with you all then. In the meantime please continue to sign up for our newsletter. And as potential solution partner or service provider, please get in touch with us for details about our partner program and ownCloud pricing!

ownCloud GmbH

März 12, 2012

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ownCloud Sprint Review: Tiles view in Infinite Scale, Scoped Storage and more

ownCloud Sprint Review: Tiles view in Infinite Scale, Scoped Storage and more

Over the last two weeks, developers at ownCloud worked towards substantially improving the platform, and also fixed existing bugs. Among these, the most significant improvement is the support for a tiles view in ownCloud Infinite Scale. Furthermore, the new clients for Android and Apple devices now come equipped with interesting features. What’s more, Infinite Scale will now receive user notifications in the web UI and an automatic server detection. An event log and history service with notifications are in the development stage.

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