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That’s scaling like a public cloud folks – that’s real good stuff!
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Thanks to Red Hat, we announced this morning the results of a scalability test: the testing benchmarked 25,000 concurrent users of ownCloud Enterprise Edition and Red Hat Storage running on industry-standard x86 servers. The configuration used illustrates a 2x total cost of ownership (TCO) improvement by converging the application server and storage server tiers onto the same servers, compared to traditional solutions with separate storage server appliances. This enables businesses to Zscale quickly and cost-effectively with user demand like a public cloud with far greater control of sensitive data and without subsidizing free cloud vendor users.

That’s scaling like a public cloud folks – that’s real good stuff!

We used two 2-node x86 storage servers and four standard 2-socket servers for the performance benchmark. ownCloud Enterprise Edition and Red Hat Storage were installed and benchmarked on first one, and then two twin storage servers, serving as converged storage and application nodes. In addition, a MySQL NDB cluster was installed on two of the 2-socket servers, with another used as a load balancer out front with the final 2-socket server used as a load generator. The results show clear linear scalability when adding converged servers with a sustained load per server of 25,000 active users, demonstrating an architecture that can scale to meet the needs of hundreds of thousands of users.

We are here in San Francisco this week at the Red Hat Summit showing customers how they can take more control of their files with on-site application servers and storage to manage large big data workloads while integrating easily into existing IT environments. The ownCloud and Red Hat solution gives IT more manageability with sensitive enterprise documents while providing the simple file sync and share experience users demand.

We’re here one more day – stop by and see us in the Red Hat Storage Partner Booth #605.

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April 16, 2014

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