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Infinite Scale in the Press

A list of resources featured in various publications tracing the journey of Infinite Scale so far and delving deep in to the technology that makes up its core.
Infinite Scale

ownCloud Infinite Scale is a multi-purpose, cloud-native data platform developed by ownCloud with a strong focus on performance, security, scalability, compliance and governance. Written in the programming language Go, its mission is to hand over full control of data to enterprises in a user-friendly and affordable manner and elevate collaboration to the next level of the digital workplace.

Infinite Scale is being featured in lots of press releases and articles across various publications, languages and countries. This blog post is a comprehensive collection of all articles where Infinite Scale has been mentioned in press. All the texts linked here are not written by ownCloud employees, but we often helped as technical experts and with input and insight from our research and development. Mind that this is the «free press», so the articles may or may not reflect ownCloud’s opinion – they have been written by neutral journalists. For our press releases, check this link, our blog has insightful articles here and don’t forget our concise product documentation.

Articles on ownCloud’s Rewrite in Go

PHP and the LAMP (Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP) stack have formed the core of ownCloud for years. For good reasons this stack is still running large parts of the internet. On the other hand, the Go programming language developed by pundits like Ken Thompson at Google has a lot to offer in terms of speed, scalability, security and usability without limitations. A secure, scalable, flexible and efficient architecture with Microservices, easy to deploy on every platform meets exactly the vision of the cloud-native approach of Infinite Scale, sparking the rewrite of the ownCloud platform in 2020.

Several of the articles below focus on the crucial role that Go plays in Infinite Scale, the reasons why we choose Go and the many advantages it has to offer. Recently, the German Linux Magazine had a multi-article series on Go and ownCloud:

ownCloud chooses Go for its file platform Infinite Scale

ownCloud chooses Go for its file platform Infinite Scale

IOT platforms, Storage Backends, Replacing Exchange

install ownCloud Infinite Scale on a Raspberry Pi

Infinite Scale is very well-suited for smaller devices like the Raspberry Pi.

Scalability, Virtual File Systems, Vue.js, EOS

2021: Early Reports on the «New» product

  • was one of the first media to report on our development with Go. Although still in development, the article details how Infinite Scale was being developed as a complete rewrite of the venerable open source enterprise file sharing and syncing software stack. The article also delves into Infinite Scale being developed as a database-less system based on Go and Vue.js.


octubre 19, 2022

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