Holy Mole: Google Drive Triples Free Storage – Nothing in Life is Free Folks

Big storage news this week as Google ramps up the pressure on Dropbox.

By ownCloud GmbH

ownCloud secure cloud solution for filesharing

Big storage news this week as Google ramps up the pressure on Dropbox – offering now 15GB of free storage.

This spells trouble for Dropbox, but also for enterprises. As Google, Microsoft, Dropbox and Apple chase the rabbit down the hole — lowering prices as they go – more and more employees will be storing more and more corporate data out of IT control.

Google et al can afford to offer storage for practically nothing, they all earn their money in other ways anyways – ads, hardware, additional storage, even harvesting you.

Understand, Google is targeting your employees. So is Dropbox. It makes it that much more important that you provide your employees with a secure file sync/share solution, on your storage, that YOU control.

ownCloud GmbH

mayo 15, 2013

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