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Integrate ownCloud & Microsoft 365 to protect sensitive data

Whether it's files containing personal data (GDPR), intellectual property or sensitive corporate data from HR, finance or M&A, companies and organizations strive for seamless and easy-to-use digital collaboration even in those areas - both internally and externally. However, the special level of protection of certain data prohibits their processing in the public cloud. ownCloud can now be seamlessly integrated into Microsoft 365 as a "safehouse" for particularly sensitive data, keeping them out of the Azure Cloud.
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The US Cloud Act still poses a veritable threat to the data sovereignty of companies and organizations. The integration of ownCloud with Microsoft 365 now allows files that require special protection to be stored locally in ownCloud, while still allowing users to edit them with familiar tools such as PowerPoint, Excel and Word. The only time that the files ever leave the local ownCloud and are temporarily based in the Microsoft server is during the process of editing.

ownCloud combines the best of both worlds!

In addition to simplified management for administrators, the new Microsoft 365 integration also allows for the working comfort of employees by keeping the Microsoft Office tools they are used to, which in turn leads to less need for support.

Microsoft 365: Easy to use but inadequate in security & GDPR-compliance

Here’s the challenge: If you store office documents on a server of a US registered enterprise like Microsoft via Sharepoint or oneDrive, the Cloud Act enforces that all those data can be transferred to US government agencies. Therefore US law (Cloud Act) and European law (GDPR) are not compatible in operational practice, causing serious headache for sysadmins and compliance officers.

We have your back!   

Microsoft 365 can finally be operated with GDPR-compliance. Here is the trick: Store the files on ownCloud and only transfer them to a Microsoft Office 365 online app if needed (if you want to view or edit them). When you are done with editing in Word, Excel or Powerpoint, your documents go home to your ownCloud storage. This principle finally solves the Gordian knot of data security and usability, as it only exchanges data on demand with MS Servers. You are free to configure which data is allowed to be edited with Microsoft 365 tools and which files you may prohibit from being transferred to Microsoft at any time.

Microsoft Office Online interface

Edit documents with Microsoft Office Tools straight from your ownCloud

What you need and how to get started

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We recently had a very interesting Tech Talk online about the Integration of Microsoft Teams with ownCloud. Recording is available here and you may want to check our future Tech Talks and other events here:

Anwesha Ray

junio 7, 2022

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