Facebook and Dropbox? There will be blood

Posted by ownCloud GmbH – 28. September 2012

So what a great announcement by Facebook and Dropbox (http://www.digitaltrends.com/social-media/facebook-adds-dropbox-to-groups/) this week – No privacy has met no security!!

In my mind this partnership tells me two very important things. First, file sync and share is incredibly desirable to very large portions of our society. The second is HOLY CRAP, is this the perfect storm where no privacy meets at the corner of no security??

Listen, I’m all for sharing of data, and ideas and even intellectual property – hell, I started ownCloud around file sync and share – but combining Dropbox and Facebook is, pardon me here – JUST STUPID.

Companies are already facing the dilemma of employees using unsecured BYODs to carry and share corporate data. Employees, who just want to get their work done however they can, do not always understand the risks involve using an app like Dropbox – or Facebook. Now, added to the anti-IT arsenal is the linkage of Dropbox AND Facebook. Mark my words folks, there will be tears.

Look, companies need to protect their data and privacy, but they need to also enable their workers. There ARE solutions out there (hint, hint) but Dropbox/Facebook AIN’T it.

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