ownCloud Antivirus feature inspecting files for infections


Avoid threats by inspecting files for infections.

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The Antivir feature scans files on upload to avoid infections with viruses, trojans, and other malicious code. It is using an integration with ClamAV*.

ClamAV is the standard mail gateway scanning tool across the internet. It is open source like ownCloud so organizations can be sure to not introduce backdoors in their stack.

There are three modes to choose from, depending on specific needs. In Daemon Socket Mode, ClamAV runs on the same server as ownCloud, using few ressources when there is not much activity. In Daemon Mode, ClamAV runs on a different server to serve organizations with high volumes of file uploads. In Executable Mode, which ownCloud does not recommend, ClamAV runs on the same server as ownCloud and is only started on upload of a file.

*Other antivirus scanners can be used if they receive data streams via pipes on the command line and return an exit code, and also return a parseable result on stdout. 

Screenshot of the Antivirus configuration for ClamAV Daemon Mode in ownCloud

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