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File Drop Folders

Let users create public upload-only folders, in which they can collect files from outside contacts. It is handy to collect bids, proposals, homework assignments or anonymous feedback.

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Receive data the safe and easy way with File Drop Folders

The Drop Folders feature enables users to make a folder available for write-only public access, meaning anyone can save into the folder, but without being able to see what’s inside.

The folder can be protected with a password as well as an expiry date, so users can restrict access either to a group of people who know the password or a certain time period or both.

File Drop Folders have no size limits, unlike email. ownCloud makes sure the files are safe to store and kept secure, courtesy of its Antivirus and File Firewall features. With Document Classification, files uploaded into Drop Folders can automatically be tagged and protected based on their content and other factors.

The folder and the files within can be shared with other users, including with Guest Users and as Public Links, just as any other folder in ownCloud.

Screenshot of the creation of File Drop Folders in the ownCloud Web App

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