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File Lifecycle and Retention

Automatically archive and then delete files that are no longer needed, ensuring data protection and compliance with regulation

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ownCloud helps to manage File Lifecycle by enabling organizations to automate rules-based archiving and deleting of files as required to meet a number of different policies and regulations.

The File Lifecycle Management App was designed to make it easy to manage the lifecycle of files by using policies to determine which files to archive and when, as well as when to delete the files from archive. In addition, it is also possible to determine whether recovery of deleted files should be made available.

How the File Lifecycle Management App works

It’s efficient and simple to manage files with the File Lifecycle Management App. The app helps to archive and retain files based on their upload date.

With the app, administrators can record the exact time at which each file was first created on the ownCloud server. Moreover, the app records audit events during archiving, recovery or deletion of data.

The File Lifecycle Management extension allows service providers to manage file lifecycle within ownCloud to:

  • Control storage usage by limiting the duration of file use before they are cleaned up automatically
  • Comply with regulations (for example, GDPR or company policies) by imposing automated retention and deletion policies for files that contain data that may only be stored in the company for a certain period of time.

GDPR and other policy compliance

File lifecycle management policies are customizable. Some files may only be kept as long as they are in active use, for example, because they contain personal data. Automated deletion ensures compliance with GDPR and protects enterprises from penalties arising from violations.

Other files might have to be kept longer, because organizations may be legally required to keep them on record for a certain duration of time.

Full user control and transparency

The app ensures that users have full control when they use it to manage the lifecycle of files. At any given time, users have access to a transparent overview of the lifecycle schedule for any file and can also have it emailed to them if needed. They can view the lifecycle set for a file and see when the file is scheduled for archiving. Moreover, the archive can be searched and information on archived files (for example, previous storage location) can be retrieved.

Permission to recover archived files can be granted to specific users or groups of users (for example, administrators), in order to provide a safety net for accidental deletion of files. All actions pertaining to a file are logged and can be audited by integrating it with the Auditing App. If needed, files can be shared in compliance with GDPR or similar legislations.

See the remaining days of a file before it gets archived with File Lifecycle Management

See the remaining days befor a file gets archived with ownCloud File Lifecycle Management

Restore files from the archive with File Lifecycle Management

Restore files from the File Lifecycle Management archive 

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