ownCloud File Lifecycle Retention Management

File Lifecycle and Retention

Automatically archive and then delete files that are no longer needed, ensuring data protection and compliance with regulation

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The ownCloud File Lifecycle Management App enables organizations to automate the rules-based archiving and deleting of files as required to meet a number of different policies and regulations.

Some files may only be kept as long as they are in active use, because they contain personal data. Other files have to be kept longer, because organizations may be legally required to keep them for a certain amount of time.

The File Lifecycle Management App archives and retains files based on their upload date. Optionally, archived files can be recovered. This ability can be restricted to a certain group of users. All actions pertaining to a file are logged and can be audited and, if needed, be shared with e.g. the data subject as specified in GDPR and similar legislation.

See the remaining days of a file before it gets archived with File Lifecycle Management

See the remaining days befor a file gets archived with ownCloud File Lifecycle Management

Restore files from the archive with File Lifecycle Management

Restore files from the File Lifecycle Management archive 

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