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Locate, retrieve and explore files quickly and efficiently by entering keywords related to the content. 

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Search for and explore your files more efficiently and quickly with the Full Text Search feature available in the Search Service of Infinite Scale. This feature was designed to streamline the way you locate and retrieve files and make the process convenient and effortless. Unlike traditional methods that restrict searches to document titles and file names, Full Text Search allows you to delve into the file content itself by simply entering relevant keywords or phrases related to the documents. This completely eliminates the need to manually sift through numerous folders. 

Full Text Search ensures advanced content extraction by harnessing the power of Apache’s content analysis toolkit Tika. This integration guarantees swift search result generation, providing instant responses to your enquiries. Whether you manage an extensive document repository or possess a large volume of files, Full Text Search delivers swift and accurate outcomes, granting you access to the information you need without delay. By tapping into the capabilities of Apache Tika, you can explore the contents of over 300 file types and document formats, including PDF, DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, ODF, HTML, XML, EPUB, RTF, Tar, RAR, AR, CPIO, Zip, 7Zip, Gzip, BZip2, and more.

Full Text Search in ownCloud

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