ownCloud Guest Users

Guest Users

Let users invite frequent contacts as guests so they can access files and folders shared with them, using the ownClouds Apps.

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The Guest User feature empowers users to share files and folders with outside users identified by their email address. For repetitive contacts, e.g. with external contractors, this a handy alternative to Public Link sharing. It saves time: Once a Guest User is created, it is easy to share additional files with it.

It is safer, too, because file access can be audited. And for the Guest Users themselves, it is more convenient – they can use the ownCloud Apps and even open documents in the integrated office suite of your ownCloud. In contrast to users, guests do not have own storage space and can only work on files and folders that were shared with them.

Common and suitable applications of the Guest Users feature include graphic designers, outside counsel, consultants and schools, with the teachers as ownCloud users and the students as Guest Users.

Screenshot of share dialogue for Guest User

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