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Keep track of what happens in your ownCloud Enterprise with Splunk. Improve data governance by visualizing data flows with the ownCloud integration for Splunk.

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The ownCloud integration for Splunk provides a highly visual audit log dashboard that puts CI(S)Os firmly in control of data flows, so they can quickly and efficiently spot potential compliance issues as they arise.

For detailed audits, there are out-of-the-box dashboards for auditing files, logins and actions of users and admins. With fine-grained and flexible filters to narrow things down, the ownCloud integration for Splunk facilitates the tracing and investigating of actions in a lucid and clear graphical user interface – instead of poring over a long, technical log file.

The integration consists of an app and an add-on, both available in Splunkbase. Between the two, the app and the add-on, Splunk is configured to retrieve log, audit and metrics data from the ownCloud Metrics API, technically and the ownCloud Enterprise Audit App. Splunk uses this data to provide dashboards, reports, visualizations, filterable views and alerts for specific events.

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