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Windows Network Drive Integration

Easily integrate your file server into ownCloud, whether Windows network drives or other Samba shares

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Swiftly connect ownCloud and network shares

Let remote workers sync files from your organization’s file server without a VPN. Share files on your file server ad-hoc with external contacts. It is easy when leveraging ownCloud as the file access platform for your windows network drive shares.

A lot of organizations operate a complex, organically grown IT infrastructure. When modernizing, they all face the same question: What to do with those legacy data silos? With ownCloud, they can just integrate legacy silos, like windows network share drives as external storage. The Enterprise Edition includes an app to integrate Windows network drives (WND) through the Samba (SMB) protocol.

The Windows Network Drive App enables administrators to attach existing network drives to ownCloud and assigning specific network drives to specific groups or users or both. To determine permissions, ownCloud can either use a file’s attributes (e.g. read-only and hidden) or the Windows network drive ACLs in connection with LDAP user and group permissions.

To check integrated shares for changes, the ownCloud Enterprise WND App includes a listener. It marks changed files, and a background job updates the file metadata. The WND App then actively sends notifications to ownCloud about changes, deletions and new Files in its integrated network shares so synced files are always up-to-date.

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