Easy file sharing with cloud federation

Share files seamlessly across organizational borders while staying in control of data.

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Connect file sharing servers through federation

Federated Cloud sharing allows users of one ownCloud instance to share files and folders with users of other compatible file collaboration platforms. Federated cloud sharing enables flexible yet accountable interconnections across locations, organizations and jurisdictions.

Collaborate across data hubs

Keep your data stored locally. Grant and receive permissions from other data hubs.

Maintain control

Keep data under control while sharing globally.

Stay compliant

Keep your data in the jurisdiction where it legally belongs.

Collaborate and exchange data across silos

Only, ownCloud can connect federated servers in multiple geographic locations into a single user experience for seamless collaboration. Leveraging newly enhanced server to server APIs, users of any ownCloud server can now search for users of any other federated ownCloud from any client – mobile, desktop or web. Sharing is as simple as two clicks and entering the recipient’s name. Access is completely logged on all servers and can be revoked by the file owner at any time. Further, since each ownCloud is a standalone system, access policies and rules are still respected among Federated servers, enabling each server to be managed to the policies of the host company.

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Collaborate among different instances

Need to collaborate among 3 office campuses? With ownCloud, you can set up a server running in all 3 locations. The admins then federate the ownCloud together, making them aware of each other and explicitly allowing federated sharing among the locations. Users can then simply use ownCloud as they normally would for file access and sharing. When sharing with users on different campuses, the type-ahead filter on sharing search results simply returns remote and local users together. At any time, the federated shares can be disabled by the admin, while the file owner still retains control of the master file.

ownCloud Multi-factor Authentification

Secure data where it belongs

Need to create zones in the company for sharing documents with different security levels? Simply set up an ownCloud for each zone, such as one with strict security guidelines for partners, and one internally for employees – and then connect them with Federated Cloud Sharing. With proper document classification, files tagged as internal will not be allowed across into the external ownCloud, and yet other files can be made publicly available. Further, employees can access files that reside on the partner server, all through the same internal server and the desktop, mobile or web apps they are used to using. In this way, document controls can be retained, and frictionless collaboration can still occur.

ownCloud Federated Clouds

Easy scalable locally or globally

Federations allow your organization to scale indefinitely across borders. While the data can stay in the datacenter of origin, allowing maximum security while sharing across borders. With ownCloud it is easy to add additional data hubs or distribute the workload across them.

The federation of Cloud resources allows users to collaborate across different data hubs and distribute workloads and implement innovative security models for user access to cloud resources.

Federation in Cloud Computing, an example:

You are collaborating with another research center on sensitive data but they are on the other side of the world. Your organization has very strict usage guidelines around data sharing … and so does your collaborator. With Federated Cloud Sharing from ownCloud, both organizations can maintain their individual control while sharing designated files and folders across time zones and geographies – all while maintaining access at any time, from any device.

With Federated Cloud Sharing, users on one ownCloud installation can collaborate with users on other ownCloud installations while each server maintains its respective security and governance protocols. Files shared between users are no longer confined to a single shared folder or ownCloud instance; users can access the latest file versions and selectively sync the most critical shared files.

Start sharing across sovereign clouds

Getting the consortium together across 22 independent entities for a project of this scale was both intense and challenging. We used an incredible amount of due diligence to consider all of our options. In the end, ownCloud was clearly the right choice.

Dr. Raimund Vogl

Director of IT, Sync & Share NRW

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