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eM Client now seamlessly integrates with ownCloud, helps avoid insecure attachments

eM Client is a popular email client for a reason - it's a clean and simple desktop app that integrates email, calendars, tasks, contacts, notes, and chat. As eM Client now integrates smoothly with ownCloud, you can conveniently send links to files in emails, which brings significantly less risk and hassle than sending attachments.

By ownCloud

em client integration with owncloud

Despite all the flashy new messengers and workstream platforms, emails are still an important communication tool that won’t go away anytime soon. Attaching a file into an email is easy, and we all know how it’s done. However, email attachments can be impractical especially for larger amounts of data and also pose security risks.

Sending files with eM Client is now much easier…

eM Client’s nifty ownCloud integration makes sending files more practical, efficient and secure. Sign in once to your ownCloud account with eM Client, and you’re set. When selecting a file that you want to attach from your ownCloud folder, eM Client will now ask you whether to insert a link to the file instead of attaching the file.

…and more secure…

When the email’s recipient clicks on the link you sent, it leads to your ownCloud. This keeps you in control: If you decide to remove the file later, the link in the email simply becomes invalid. Also, those file links can have a password and an expiry date.

…and also more powerful than traditional file attachments

Linking files rather than attaching them isn’t just good security practice, it also keeps the email server from filling up. And it enables you to send unlimited numbers of files and files of unlimited size. While most email servers limit the size of email attachments, when sending links to attachments the only size limit is your ownCloud account’s storage quota.

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mars 25, 2021

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