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New: Find the ownCloud server repositories at OBS

The ownCloud server complete packages are now available from repositories at Please update your repos accordingly to be able to upgrade to the ownCloud server 10.8 release.

By ownCloud

ownCloud 10.8 server release

The public Open Build Service instance at is one of the central distribution platforms for the Linux community. From now on, it is also the home of the ownCloud server repos and packages.

Important changes
As the ownCloud server packages now live at the public Open Build Service instance at, this means the old Linux server repositories ( do not work anymore.

Action required
If you use the old Linux server repositories, to get the current ownCloud server packages automatically, you have to change your repos first to upgrade to the 10.8 release. Find the detailed instructions about how to subscribe to the new repositories for your respective distro at

We have decided to switch repos with the release of ownCloud server 10.8 for two reasons. On the one hand, ownCloud server is distributed as a complete package containing all the supported apps since version 10.5, making the server packages ready for public distribution. On the other hand, maintaining an internal build system requires effort that is just not justified when extra control is not needed anymore. We can use these ressources more productively. So we decided to entrust the ownCloud server code into the experienced hands of the public Open Build Service, run by our friends at SUSE. We chose OBS because it supports all relevant Linux package formats. Apart from SUSE, it is used by Open Source projects and companies large and small, like VLC, Dell and Intel.


août 3, 2021

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