GNOME and ownCloud – Desktop Plus Web for a Holistic Experience

Posted by – 29. July 2013

That’s the title of the talk I’ll give this week at GUADEC, the annual GNOME conference. It’s really exciting for me personally because I really like the way GNOME is designed and the people on the design team are great. I draw a lot of inspiration from both GNOME’s design as well as their open design process for the way we handle that within the ownCloud community.

With GNOME and ownCloud we have the unique opportunity to combine two great open source, well-designed products which connect online and offline. GNOME with a simple desktop experience and ownCloud with sync and availability everywhere creates an open solution for having your data on all devices, deeply integrated with the operating system.

I will show the state of integration, the current collaboration, and future plans and opportunities for both projects to benefit. If you happen to be at GUADEC, the talk is on Saturday at 11:35 AM:

GNOME and ownCloud – Desktop Plus Web for a Holisic Experience


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