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by Frank Karlitschek

posted on Tuesday, November 5th, 2013

posted in Community

Ever forget what you've done with a document? You are pretty sure you shared it, but did you delete it too? Who did you share it with? What did THEY do with it. Well, now with the new Activity Stream in ownCloud 6 Community Edition, we now show an activity feed where people can see what they did in the past, what happened with their files and what other people did with their shared files.

Activity Stream introduces a central interface where all events that happen in your ownCloud are shown.

You see if you:

  • Create, edit or delete files together with a thumbnail with the date and the path
  • If someone shared something with you
  • If someone created, edited or deleted something in your shared folders

All the events are presented in a new responsive design together with endless scrolling and is available in an RSS feed so you can easily follow the changes in your ownCloud. And REST interface enables mobile and desktop clients to show the list of changes as well.

What do you think? The Beta is available now if you want to see and test.

7 Comments on this post:

  1. etiess

    Good new feature. Is it possible, as in SugarSync, to see how many times a file has been downloaded (after a public sharing for example)?

  2. When is the stable version 6 coming out, just cant wait to lay my hands on it.

  3. LaurentP

    Will the activity feed give information on what is changed on calendars and contacts ?

  4. Hello Frank, hi everyone.

    The activity stream, is a great feature –
    is there a way to show the activities publicly to registered and non-registered users?

  5. Matti Järvinen

    With AD I get messages like:
    You shared Foobar with FFA19F01-B1D6-4EF7-90AA-F5C08CAF1EYY

  6. Jakob Olsen

    Is it possible to get the stream as an RSS Feed?
    So you don’t have to go in a look at the stream all the time.

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