How to get started, Part 1: Personal Settings

Posted by Dirk – 27. March 2020

About this guide: This is the first post in a series meant to get you up to speed. You’ll learn how to personalize your account, where to set a profile picture and where to change your password.

Congratulations! Your organization is now using ownCloud to sync and share files – and do so much more.

All posts on Getting started:
1. How to personalize your account
2. How to use the Web App
3. How to use the Desktop App
4. How to use the Mobile App
4a. Special features on iPhone and iPad
5. How to create Public Links
6. How to create Public Upload Folders

Make it your own

First, you want to give your profile the personal touch. Open a web browser and log into your new account. Then in the top right corner of your browser window, click on your username and then on „Settings“. In the General tab, add your name and a profile picture and maybe set a stronger password.

Make it more comfortable

Then go on to the Sharing tab, where you can choose to “Automatically accept new incoming local user shares” for more comfort and maybe also “Allow finding you via autocomplete in share dialog” to make it more straightforward for colleagues to share files and folders with you.

Make it secure

In the Security tab, we strongly suggest you use second-factor authentication. Further down, you can see which devices are logged in with your credentials.

Next up: Getting started with the Web App.

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