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by Matthew Richards

posted on Tuesday, May 13th, 2014

posted in General

I had the pleasure today of joining IBM’s general manager of Storage and Software Defined Systems Jamie Thomas on a panel — Big Data: Stories from the Trenches – at IBM’s Fast Data Forum in Boston.

Joined by folks from Cypress Semiconductor and Jeskell, Inc., we talked about ownCloud as a provider of Enterprise File Sync and Share, and touched on why enterprises should be able to leave files where they are and provide access, rather than forcing users to push all of their file into a cloud somewhere. We also discussed ownCloud scalability, and where we see the market going – and how a partnership with IBM Software Defined Storage can have an impact for our customers.

We have been doing a lot of joint work with IBM – including at some soon-to-be announced very large universities where the need to quickly scale – like a public cloud – is vital. ownCloud offers the same ease of use and fast deployment for end users as the big consumer-grade file sync and share apps, but gives IT the ability to control who sees that data, when, where and how, and with whom they can share it. This protects the data, avoids data redundancy and sprawl and allows IT to keep the data where it is – instead of shipping it off into the cloud.

We are also working closely with IBM to produce some benchmarks on scaling ownCloud – which we recently published with Red Hat as well. We’ll of course let you know when that is available.

Anyway – Thanks Jamie for inviting me!

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