Secure cloud storage is digitizing the public sector

ownCloud enables Governments and their subsidiaries to handle and protect highly sensitive data efficiently in an affordable manner. 

Digitizing the public sector
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Enabling digital sovereignty through a secure and open-source cloud storage and file access platform. Empowering civil servants to work efficiently. Policy-driven and fully auditable to protect personal data.


Digitizing the public sector boosts efficiency and citizen-orientation

Most citizen-centric processes are ripe for modernization – from taxation authorities to vehicle administration to law enforcement to social services and local government. Since most have historically been paper-centric, the potential benefits of electronic file sharing for more efficiency and citizen-oriented governance are enormous. However, digital file sharing is not without its share of risks.

Digitizing the public sector using public cloud solutions puts data beyond the control of both governance and the respective IT departments. Closed-source software makes it hard to spot weaknesses and backdoors. Both are significant threats to data security and data protection.

 Data protection and data security are non-negotiable conditions to be met. And that’s exactly what we work towards at ownCloud. 

Enterprise file Sharing backed by state-of-the-art open-source technology

and cloud storage solutions

ownCloud has fast gained popularity as the cloud storage and file sharing platform for government agencies and departments. It offers the security levels only attainable through on-premises or private cloud deployments and auditable open-source code. It also delivers the speed and ease-of-use of consumer-grade file sharing applications so organizations avoid staff using shadow IT beyond the control of both governance and the IT department.

ownCloud provides a single point of access to files so they are securely stored and efficiently accessible for legitimate purposes while auditably logging access to meet data protection regulations.

ownCloud encrypts data at-rest, in-transfer and optionally even End-to-End. Confidential documents can be made available to select users through Secure View, a read-only Secure Data Room.


ownCloud integrates seamlessly with every part of the IT fabric – from user directories to security systems to office suites to monitoring and back-up services – ensuring that sensitive data remains under control at all times. ownCloud can even integrate existing legacy data silos so they are conveniently usable through a single point of access.

ownCloud can accommodate Guest Users, which is handy to let an ombudsperson, regulator, official watchdog, parliamentary oversight panel or other elective or appointed body do their jobs.

Its state-of-the-art performance makes ownCloud the file sharing platform of choice for top-notch research institutions like CERN and the Max Planck Society. For agencies with open-source procurement policies, ownCloud is available under a AGPLv3 license and is backed by the largest community of any open-source File Sync and Share software in the world.

See how ownCloud helps the public sector to:

Manage data access and file lifecycles

Restrict files automatically based on content and tags. Archive and delete files that are past their due date. Log actions of users and admins for compliance and security.

Facilitate internal and Inter-Agency Collaboration

Let staff share files and folders with colleagues or even users of other ownCloud instances and compatible Clouds. It makes collaboration in and across organizations easier. Restrictable through classification, auditable through logging.

Deliver secure mobile productivity

Government workers of all stripes are increasingly mobile and need to access documents while in the field or at home. ownCloud’s mobile applications make secure mobile file sharing a breeze. Users can browse, download, edit and upload files with tablets and smartphones, featuring advanced security locks and encrypted data transfer. 

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