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Seamless Teamwork

With Spaces, your team’s files remain accessible, regardless of personnel changes.

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100% Control for Privacy and Security

Take control of your data. Whether it’s on-premises, in a chosen data center, or a hybrid setup, ownCloud empowers you to control where your data resides. With multi-factor authentication, encryption, and complete data ownership, achieve compliance with regulations and certifications, ensuring the highest security standards for your organization.

Ready To Go Compliance

Designed for organizations with guaranteed compliance to GDPR and WCAG/BITV standards.

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Find and Organize with Ease

Streamline file organization and discovery with with the help of tags, full text searches, and pre-formatted folder structures, redefining the ease and efficiency with which you locate and oversee your business files.

Web Office

Elevate collaboration with the Web Office of your choice, empowering teams to work together in real-time directly in the browser, from anywhere – because great ideas shouldn’t have to wait.

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ownCloud Spaces

Cloud Native Architecture

ownCloud Infinite Scale empowers organizations to build and scale applications in dynamic environments, including public, private, and hybrid clouds. With support for containers, microservices, and declarative APIs, it enables seamless integration and efficient resource management.

Suite of Features to Help You Achieve More

ownCloud Multi-factor Authentification

File Firewall



ownCloud Custom Groups

Custom User Roles


Full Text Search

ownCloud File Drop Folders

Secret File Drop Folders


GDPR Export




Administration Settings

Technical Aspects


Cloud Native Architecture


Data Ownership


Control and Compliance



Increase Efficiency, Optimize Usability and Reduce Cost

As the name suggests, Infinite Scale elevates flexibility in classical or federated network setups to new levels, allowing infinite scalability, integrating data fabrics, networks and clouds of all sizes.

The new cloud-native approach with Go, Microservices and a new vue.js web interface helps reduce cost for both deployment and maintenance, and at the same time, allows the integration of all kinds of data sources of any size and distribution.

Infinite Scale empowers users to share data and collaboration in new and visionary ways, and at the same time, enjoy full control over links and files shared, in on-premises, hybrid or public cloud scenarios.

Focus on Users and Metadata

With Infinite Scale, the consumer takes over the central role. As a cloud-native platform, its modern architecture serves this new data consumption model by providing Data Management as a Service (DMaaS) with a unified access to data through APIs across all data silos, with multiple, individual storage backends if needed.

Infinite Scale is designed to connect these storage backends and provide a unified data access layer on top of the storage. This allows to consolidate any existing data (silos) sources, thus securing previous investments into data repositories.

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Infinite Scale 4.0

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ownCloud Infinite Scale 4.0 is released!

ownCloud has launched Infinite Scale 4.0, the latest significant update to its secure content collaboration platform. This release introduces a range of new features and functionalities, including enhanced capabilities for importing data from third-party clouds, simplifying data upload, refining search functions with the use of tags and filters, and further enhancing user-friendly linking and navigation.

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Go for Enterprise: ownCloud Infinite Scale

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Go, Cloud, Go!

ownCloud Infinite Scale ensures better performance and scalability. This is made possible by the new implementation in Go, a microservice architecture and the high-performance file system EoS developed at CERN.

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