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Crust integrates ownCloud into its open source Salesforce alternative

The ecosystem for ownCloud's new digital collaboration platform is growing: Crust Technology is developing an integration with ownCloud Infinite Scale for its open-source CRM and low-code platform.

By ownCloud

ownCloud and Crust Technology enter strategic partnership

ownCloud is currently working on a full rewrite of its digital collaboration platform. ownCloud Infinite Scale is coded in the programming language GOlang instead of PHP and will enable an unlimited scalability and increased performance. In the spirit of open source, a broad and growing ecosystem of partners supports the development. This includes Crust Technology, who are working on an integration into the new platform:

Specifically, the company is working on integrating ownCloud Infinite Scale into its open-source Salesforce alternative Crust CRM and its low code platform Crust Low-Code.

The integration of ownCloud into Crust CRM will enable users to map workflows between the two platforms, among other things. If, for example, a new document is stored in ownCloud, the corresponding contact in the CRM system will receive a new status. Documents such as contracts or letters can be linked to the corresponding leads in the CRM and stored directly in ownCloud.

The combination of the two platforms enables companies with high privacy requirements to host both their CRM and their files completely on-premises. This provides them with an important building block for a sovereign workspace granting unlimited sovereignty over valuable sales data and documents.

“With its advanced feature portfolio for file and data management, ownCloud is the perfect complement to the Crust Low-Code Platform and CRM Suite” says Niall McCarthy, CEO of Crust Technology.

“ownCloud Infinite Scale just makes the partnership story even more compelling, not only because it’s built in the same high-performance modern languages as Crust, but because enterprises across the globe are crying out for self-hosted, digitally sovereign and comprehensive solutions to managing both their structured and unstructured data.”

“We welcome Crust into the ecosystem of our new digital collaboration platform and are very excited to see it growing already,” says Tobias Gerlinger, CEO and Managing Director of ownCloud. “This gives companies numerous options for realizing a powerful and true sovereign workspace that doesn’t force them to relinquish control over their sensitive data, while offering them comprehensive and state-of-the-art features.”


Settembre 29, 2020

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