Success Story – Consortium GARR

Protect Patient Privacy, While Securely Sharing Even Large Medical Files Across Multiple Research Hospitals

Consortium GARR has a very important mission – improving medical research. Designated by the Italian Ministry of Health to support collaboration across 58 research hospitals, Consortium GARR, provides the foundation for sharing information of all types – including very large MRI images. While ease of use is important for researchers, collaboration on health data can’t come at the risk of breaching patient privacy. That’s why security is top priority.

After extensive research, Fabio Farina, Cloud Specialist, discovered the perfect solution for Consortium GARR’s file-sharing needs. He chose ownCloud for its easy-to-use tools and inherently secure capabilities.

As we evaluated various solutions it was critical we select a platform that would be easy for researchers to use without sacrificing security. ownCloud offered us the perfect match and made it easy to leverage our existing investments in federated identities. Fabio Farina, Consortium GARR Cloud Specialist


Researchers are often on the move – collaborating with peers, seeing patients or teaching classes. Having access to files wherever needed and from any device is an essential productivity tool.

Intuitive User Interface

Each of the 58 research institutions that participate in the consortium have an average of 200 researchers, and each of those have their own personal work styles. ownCloud’s client tools are easy to understand and minimize the need for training across this diverse user set.

Secure Encryption Support

Privacy is critical when dealing with healthcare related data. Full support for encryption in ownCloud ensures security policies are met and enforced.

From my first interaction with ownCloud I’ve been very satisfied. They’ve been by our side from pre-sales through to user rollout, making sure we implement a best-practices solution that scales. I always know they are offering valuable advice. Fabio Farina, Consortium GARR Cloud Specialist

Rapid integration to existing authentication system

Consortium GARR has a rich history of supporting medical research that includes a sophisticated authentication model using federated identity. ownCloud made it easy to leverage their existing infrastructure – reducing their administrative burden and rapidly deploying the file-sharing solution.

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