Success Story – Holdigaz

As a holding company it’s particularly challenging to provide collaboration infrastructure that meets the varied needs of our member businesses without burdening IT. ownCloud provided the perfect solution to our file sharing needs out-of-the-box. David Leonard, Infrastructure Administrator Holdigaz

On-Premises Security

As a company that works in the energy sector, strict data compliance and audit requirements must be met. With ownCloud the infrastructure team is assured data policies can be enforced and monitored with ease.

IP Protection

When employees have their own “Dropbox”, the files they post belong to them. Conversely, when they store and share files in ownCloud, Holdigaz maintains ownership rights. This is extremely important to protect the intellectual property of a wide range of energy companies under management.

When it comes to service, ownCloud leads the way. I wish all our technology providers cared about my business as much as the team at ownCloud. David Leonard, Infrastructure Administrator Holdigaz

Self-Service Implementation

As a holding company, Holdigaz does not have day-to-day operational access to all companies under management. Because of that, it was very important that the file sharing solution selected was self-service and required little ongoing support. ownCloud fit the bill and with just a couple of “train-the-trainer” sessions, ownCloud has been up and running with virtually no help desk tickets.

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