Success Story – Jefferson National

Financial services company trades Dropbox for secure, universal file sharing

Jefferson National Financial prides itself on innovative solutions for tax-advantaged investing, award-winning annuity products and exceptional client experiences. That means collaboration is a high priority for JeffNat. For a growing financial services company, collaboration translates to sharing large files inside and outside of the business.

Due to email limitations Doug Burns, Network/Security Administrator was constantly being asked to temporarily ease security restrictions and open the network to share files via Dropbox. Not only was this a security concern, but it was an administrative burden for both himself and the employees trying to work quickly.

Doug had a dilemma. He could keep opening 24-hour windows where files could be shared using Dropbox, or he could find a sustainable, secure solution. Determined to meet user demands without sacrificing control JeffNat turned to ownCloud.

With ownCloud I don’t have to blindly trust a nebulous entity. I control how files are shared and ownCloud helps me every step of the way. Doug Burns, Network/Security Administrator Jefferson National

Large file capacity

Whether new hire paperwork from Human Resources or image-heavy campaign materials for marketing, collaboration inside and outside of JeffNat requires sharing large files. ownCloud provides a cost effective platform for sharing those files without taxing an already stretched email system.

Assured security

Before selecting ownCloud, Doug carefully considered the most popular file-sharing cloud services. He quickly discovered that by opening ports to the business versions of these products, he could no longer block the “free” (and less secure) versions from entering his network. Seeking a solution that limited potential security threats, Doug found ownCloud. ownCloud’s on-premises file sharing gives him the control he needs without sacrificing ease-of-use.

ownCloud took complete ownership of our success before AND after the sale. It’s a refreshing change from what technology
vendors usually provide. Doug Burns, Network/Security Administrator Jefferson National

Low administrative burden

Jefferson National needed a self-service platform that would empower users while eliminating the security gap Dropbox was creating. ownCloud’s integration with Active Directory meant users from marketing, HR and accounting didn’t have to learn new log-in credentials and Doug didn’t have to manually open and close file sharing; eliminating many administrative headaches.

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