Success Story – MBS Inc.

Ministry Business Services, Inc., a trusted IT consulting firm specializing in helping Christian churches and ministries, is using ownCloud to replace the traditional file server for its growing number of clients.

Who is MBS, Inc.?

The MBS team evaluates, engineers, and supports servers, Mac & Windows computers, and mobile devices connected to local area networks and to MBS‘ private-cloud datacenter. From their datacenter they host email servers, databases, VoIP telephone systems, SPAM filtering, and file storage/ synchronization (file servers). MBS’s datacenter is a rack in the Switch SuperNAP, just south of Las Vegas, NV. The hardware and configuration are fully owned and managed by MBS. The servers are mostly Windows based and running on Dell hardware, all managed by Active Directory.

What challenges led to the search of an EFSS platform?

The workforces that MBS support are often characterized as people who are impatient with technology problems, the full age spectrum, and very mobile. The challenge was to meet their needs simply, reliably, securely (MBS is using Microsoft Active Directory), and inexpensively.

How MBS met their needs with ownCloud

MBS is using ownCloud to replace their traditional file server for a growing number of its clients. While some clients are doing this on their own LAN, some are doing this in MBS’ private cloud datacenter. MBS has created a hybrid configuration adopted by ownCloud to reduce internet traffic in locations with many desktops. In the MBS hybrid spec, desktops connect to a local server that syncs with a hosted server in MBS’s datacenter, while notebooks and mobile devices connect directly to the hosted server.

Each is then able to overcome some of the challenges of a very mobile workforce that uses Windows and Mac Computers. The installable ownCloud Desktop Client and the ownCloud Mobile Apps for Android and iOS makes this quick, secure and efficient.

When it comes to external sharing, clients use ownCloud to create shareable folders via a link to work with outside vendors and volunteers. Most commonly, these files are documents, spreadsheets, pictures, videos and PDFs. With ownCloud, file size is no longer an issue; clients can upload any file size and extend storage size anytime.

MBS had evaluated the full range of available solutions and felt that ownCloud could meet their needs best. ownCloud was best positioned to support a private cloud environment with Windows server file shares.

Only ownCloud combines full data control with easy-to-use filesharing features, while making collaboration more efficient and highly secure Nick B. Nicholaou, President MBS, Inc.

What benefits did MBS gain with ownCloud?

ownCloud is helping to overcome the filesharing complexities of mixed platform environments. About 40% of MBS’s users are working on Mac computers, while the rest consist of Windows and Linux mobile devices. ownCloud bridges these systems effortlessly and makes filesharing between them seamless and effective.

While MBS is currently not using ownBrander, they are highly interested in doing so in the future. ownBrander is a tool created by ownCloud to give customers the opportunity to fully brand their ownCloud offering with their own corporate design. This not only helps with internal user adoption, but also makes a professional impression while working with external parties, such as partners or customers.

The most important reasons MBS is relying on ownCloud include the simplicity and ease of file access for mobile workforces on any device, the fact that datastore could be on local servers or in MBS’s datacenter, as well as the overall security of files on a private infrastructure.

MBS is continuing to add clients and users to the list of those benefitting from ownCloud. Some are local installs, some are hosted, while others are hybrid. With ownCloud, the full range of installations is possible in an easy, secure, and highly efficient manner.

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