Latest Desktop Client Offers Less CPU Usage With Performance Improvements

Posted by ownCloud GmbH – 5. June 2014

We released our newest, improved, ownCloud Desktop Client this week. The client is available for all three major platforms, Windows, Mac, and Linux, and allows users to connect their desktops to private ownCloud servers, giving them the ability to sync their files across desktops and mobile devices. Here is a list of a few of the changes we made:

  • CPU utilization is reduced by optimizing checks for changes in the local file-system.
  • An enhanced sync algorithm allows the client to perform parallel, simultaneous uploads and downloads specially optimized for future ownCloud server updates, which will reduce the time it takes you to sync new or changed files.
  • Automatic server version detection and specific sync scenario selects the appropriate approach based on the specific situation. For example, in situations where bandwidth limitations cancel out the advantage of parallel uploads and downloads, the client falls back on a single sync data stream.

Our former versions were excellent, but with the newest updates 1.6 makes the client crazy fast. See more here.

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