Latest GNOME Ships with ownCloud Support

Posted by Snezana Feige – 5. April 2013

ownCloud has a great web interface to manage your data, but at the core of our DNA is flexibility, extensibility, integration -- openness -- to provide the best possible user experience. Integration with native operating systems like Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS and Android is very important to provide that great user experience and ownCloud provides clients for all these platforms. So I was very happy to hear that GNOME ships very deep ownCloud integration in the version 3.8 that was released last week. You can configure your ownCloud account in the GNOME Online Accounts settings and the ownCloud calendar and contacts will automatically be integrated with the native contacts and calendar applications, access to the files in ownCloud is possible from within the standard file manager. I heard that the KDE developer are working on a similar feature. Integration between free software projects is important and this also shows the power of open protocols. This is very cool. Thanks to everybody who worked on this feature.

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