Let ownCloud Protect your Healthcare Organization from the Growing Number of Data Breaches

Posted by ownCloud GmbH – 28. May 2015

Did you happen to catch Jeff Goldman’s article “91 Percent of Healthcare Organizations Suffered Data Breaches in the Past Two Years” on eSecurityPlanet? Goldman states that, according to a study by the Poneman Institute, “39 percent have experienced two to five data breaches, and 40 percent have suffered more than five.”

According to Goldman the report further states that “Cyber criminals recognize two critical facts of the healthcare industry: 1) healthcare organizations manage a treasure trove of financially lucrative personal information and 2) healthcare organizations do not have the resources, processes, and technologies to prevent and detect attacks and adequately protect patient data.”

Well isn’t that a scary thought! All of our personal information accessible to anyone because a healthcare organization isn’t properly protected.

ownCloud to the rescue! ownCloud is a popular file sharing solution for healthcare and life science organizations because it combines ease of use without compromising control over sensitive data. Unlike consumer-grade file sharing services, which store sensitive data on public cloud servers, yikes, ownCloud is deployed within an organization’s IT infrastructure. Learn more about how ownCloud can help your healthcare organization can your sensitive data.

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