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Driving Digital Transformation In Industrial Companies

Industry 4.0, new data protection laws, a mobile workforce and external global partners require a new Cloud security strategy.

The Engineering and Manufacturing sector is amongst the most traditional industries in the world, simultaneously it is facing the biggest IT changes of today’s economy. Heterogenous user groups of companies working within this industry put forward new requests that put the status quo of your current IT landscape in question.

File-sharing with ownCloud gives you the required flexibility, scalability and data security- open-source, on-premises and under your control.

Key Features


With ownCloud, users have a single interface from which they can access, sync and share files on any device, anytime, from anywhere. Users can quickly find and share the files they need whether shared by others or created themselves.


Admins can log account level activities such as logins, file sharing activity, file updates and more – giving admins the information they need for compliance reporting and auditing of ownCloud.

Collaborative Editing

The Integration of Collabora Online, ONLYOFFICE and Microsoft Office Online provides collaborating editing functions for text documents, spreadsheets and presentations inside ownCloud for improved productivity. Users can access their documents within the ownCloud web frontend, author new content, share their work and collaboratively work on the same document with others. Learn more

End-to-End Encryption

End-to-End Encryption for ownCloud increases the security standard for file storage and sharing. It enables users to create folders for client-side encrypted internal or external data exchange. Neither the administrator of the ownCloud Server nor third parties who have access to the infrastructure can read the data. Individual or central key management and provisioning are both available. Learn more

Guest User

Filesharing with external parties can be quite a challenge. The ownCloud Guests feature solves this by allowing to create ownCloud Guest accounts with very limited access rights. Simply share with external users just by entering an email address in the sharing dialog.

Document Classification

To deal with sensitive information and cover for potential data breaches, ownCloud offers the ‘Document Classification’ extension that enables to automatically classify documents and define policies for sharing. Learn more

Organizations that trust ownCloud

How Zeppelin ensures data security


Due to the size of Zeppelin, its geographically distributed locations and an increasingly mobile workforce they needed a scalable, secure and easy-to-use enterprise file sharing solution.


With the implementation of an enterprise solution led and controlled by IT, the company wanted to prevent employees from resorting to their own, private file sharing applications (shadow IT).


After evaluating several solutions, Zeppelin chose ownCloud over competitors due to its superior overall offering and its experience from more than 1,000 successful customer projects.

Cost savings while boosting productivity

ownCloud is a state-of-the-art digital collaboration solution which provides you with a user-friendly and flexible solution that you can integrate in your current setup.

  • Secure your data in a private cloud with your IT security policies. ownCloud’s file firewall and encryption makes sure that the rising amount of business critical data of your users whether internal or external, is always protected.
  • By automatically tagging up-loaded files based on metadata in the documents, or by assigning group memberships, your headaches driven by changing Data Privacy and Protections laws are history.
  • Keeping documents of your workforce on all devices, desktop, web and mobile always in sync, is a requirement of today’s business world. ownCloud sync client guarantees that your users always have the latest file on every device.
  • Big data files cause a problem? ownCloud allows very large file handling across all platforms by chunking.
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Looking for more information on ownCloud’s file sync and share solution for the Enterprise? Read the whitepapers and analyst reports and to gain an understanding of how IT can take back control with proven security, integration and usability. Happy reading!

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What our customers are saying

ownCloud is the choice of organizations across the globe as they look to share files securely, enable access to unstructured data through a single plane.

With ownCloud we can fully comply with all privacy policies, security regulations and compliance requirements and effectively prevent the creation of a shadow IT. Dierk Uhr, IT Lead
ownCloud helps us to work together, especially across company boundaries. After the merger with TRW, fast data exchange was critical to success in certain areas. In addition, the traceability of all activities is of great importance from a compliance perspective.