Make it simple, they will come

Posted by ownCloud GmbH – 30. July 2012

We were pointed to an excellent study: The 2012 Confidential Documents at Risk Study by Ponemon Institute, by a terrific piece in Informationweek. Terrific because it really validates everything we’ve been saying.

“The key to adoption, says Kalember, is ease of use across all platforms. “If you make it as easy to use as Dropbox where employees can access all their data in one place from any device, they’ll use it and they won’t need Dropbox.””

“The 2012 Confidential Documents at Risk Study by Ponemon Institute bares the biggest open secrets in IT: Data in the hands of the users is as good as lost.”

“According to the survey, 31 percent of the sensitive or confidential documents were leaked by unauthorized individuals because of carelessness or internal control issues. In contrast, malicious or criminal insiders–based on an extrapolated average–were cited as leaking 19 percent of these documents.”

Listen folks – it’s scary out there and if you are not scared, you are not paying attention. Your employees will continue to use what is easiest for them to do their job. They are not trying to be mean, they are not trying to be careless with corporate data. But in this world of anxiety and high unemployment, they will do anything they can to do their jobs – and IT putting roadblocks in their path is not going to wash.

So we spend a lot of time on the back end making sure ownCloud fits in seamlessly with the tools and infrastructure you already have – everything from storage devices to your security and data governance tools to your reporting infrastructure. But it’s also why we continue to strive to make the end user experience as easy as it can be – and by the way, watch this space for BIG news there.

Employees will find ways around IT roadblocks not because they are evil, but because they have a job to do and they want to do it. Why not have a tool they love and lets you sleep at night?

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