Integrate Microsoft Office Online Server with ownCloud

Enjoy Microsoft Office Online Server (OOS) on-premises. It offers browser-based viewing and editing capabilities for Word, Excel and other Microsoft Office documents in ownCloud Enterprise.

Improve productivity in content collaboration with a familiar user-interface

ownCloud Enterprise offers you the possibility to view and edit all your Office documents stored within your ownCloud using the Office Online Server (OOS), Microsofts on premises solution for editing documents right in the browser with Word, PowerPoint and Excel.

To be clear, OOS is not included in ownCloud Enterprise. To install OOS, you’ll need a dedicated server, or a virtual machine instance, and a Microsoft OOS license. For details, see Microsofts OOS Overview Doc. Also note that Office Online Server is different than the Microsoft hosted Office 365 server.

We have built this integration to improve productivity and offer users a more efficient workflow by enabling them to work entirely from within a browser. An interface called WOPI, the Web app Open Platform Interface, connects ownCloud Enterprise and your Office Online Server. Key features of this integration include:


  • Seamless workflow between ownCloud Enterprise and Office Online Server.
  • Complete Office editing capabilities in the browser.
  • File locking for improved collaboration.
  • Easy collaboration with ‘share’ button.
Microsoft Office Online Server integation for ownCloud

Want to combine Microsoft Office Online Server with ownCloud Enterprise to build a virtual workplace that is both convenient and secure?

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File Locking To Prevent Editing Conflicts

While a given document is being worked on in the Office Online Web App, ownCloud Enterprise keeps it in a locked state so that other users cannot make changes to the file. They can however collaboratively edit the file using Office Online. A lock icon in the file view of ownCloud Enterprise reflects the files’ state. If a user has locked a file and loses connection, the files is automatically unlocked after 30 minutes. Files are locked by ownCloud Server through WebDAV.

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