Mobile Apps


Version: 12.0
June 13, 2023



Version: 4.1
September 4, 2023


ownCloud offers support for a wide range of devices. Admins can distribute our mobile apps through Android, iOS or MDM provider. With the Enterprise Subscription, all mobile apps may be branded using ownBrander (to match the brandable Web App and Desktop Apps). Whether using a mobile device, a desktop, or the web client, ownCloud makes it easy to put the right files in the right hands at the right time on any device in one simple-to-use, secure, private and controlled solution.


Multiple accounts

Connect to multiple ownCloud accounts with only one Mobile App to access all your data


Well integrated

With document provider integration in Android and Share Sheet and Files App integration in iOS, the ownCloud Apps enable seamless editing of files in your favourite applications.
ownCloud mobile app

Save offline

Make files and folders selectively available offline so you can access them while offline. Handy on planes, in remote areas and to save on bandwidth


Unlock with a smile

Both the Android and the iOS App support biometric lock through FaceID and/or TouchID, so your data is extra secure

Beta & testing

Discover our testing program with beta releases and test pilots


See all changes, updates and fixes for our mobile apps

Do you want to customize your ownCloud experience?

Adapt the ownCloud Mobile Apps to your organization’s needs and corporate identity or ship them with individualized settings for your users.

Install the Server

The backbone of your secure file sharing setup

Start Online

Our software-as-a-service offering, hosted securely in Germany. Ready in minutes.

Get the Desktop App

Integrate your ownCloud into your file manager to make work more efficient, whether in Finder, Explorer or something else.