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We’d like to help you with your ownCloud Mobile App.

There are several ways for you to get mobile app help and support. Please choose the one that works best for you.

  • Contact us at apps@owncloud.com
  • Subscribe to one of our commercial offerings which include full support for all Clients and Apps including the one you are currently using. You can provide feedback directly to the ownCloud support organization based on this support subscription.
  • Contact one of our partners for assistance. Solution Partners are ready to help, for a fee, around the globe!
  • You might also be entitled to support through your service provider, if you are using a paid service powered by ownCloud. In this case, please contact your cloud service provider directly and they will work with you, based on your support level with them.
  • Finally, you may be getting your ownCloud Mobile App as part of a company subscription.  In this case, please contact your helpdesk, who will be able to contact your ownCloud support representative and ensure your issue is taken care off, immediately.

Problems with ownCloud on Android Jelly Bean? This Workaround App might help!

Of course, we realize that not everyone wants to go the official route. In this case, we also provide a very healthy forum for you to ask for help and provide help to others. Go to central.owncloud.org and leave your questions and comments in the Mobile Apps section, organized by the Apps you are using.

We hope we’ve provided the help you need for your mobile app.
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