More mobile, more data, more trouble for IT — Greater opportunities too

Posted by ownCloud GmbH – 16. January 2012

Not sure most of you saw this from the Wall Street Journal covering a Forrester report on the growth of mobile devices being used by employees.

Want proof? Go to the airport.
You can’t walk through an airport these days without seeing smartphones, tablets and other non-corporate devices being used as productivity devices — oh, and sure, they watch movies, call the family and read books on them too. The traditional VPN-attached professional desktop and laptop, saddled with all the security devices IT can throw at them, continues to drop in popularity. And with these mostly unsecured mobile devices comes the desire, to grab data, share it and sync it.
Already there are easy-to-use ways to do this — extremely unsecure, easy-to-use ways — and once in use, it will be tough to get that genie back in the bottle. I can see my friends in corporate IT with their hair turning white at the thought of corporate data intermingling with my movies and other files on a third party hosted service they don’t know exits.

But ease of use for the end user does not need to put the security of the data — or even the company — in jeopardy. Nor does the security need to break the bank. Come check us out when we launch the industry’s first easy-to-use, secure, open and flexible way to safely store, access, share and sync data — you can get more information here.

Until then — check out our community edition at, follow the descriptions for an install in minutes or use a charm on the Ubuntu Cloud!

Good luck Apple (and other device manufacturers), we got the data covered.

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