MSP Mentor: When No Cost Means More Value

Posted by ownCloud GmbH – 8. July 2015

One of the key goals in the release of Datto’s new enterprise file sync and share utility, ownCloud on SIRIS, is that it deliver value to MSPs. And it does. The value comes in the form of a rich feature set, the ability to better serve MSPs’ business customers, and that it’s included with every single SIRIS device, thus ensuring a better margin.

So, you’re thinking, “I’ve seen one file sync and share utility, so I’ve seen ’em all.”  Not so fast.

ownCloud on SIRIS is based on a partnership between Datto and ownCloud. ownCloud is an enterprise file sync and share utility developed exclusively for businesses, not consumers. It enables file sharing from a variety of devices, but instead of files being hosted on a third-party cloud, files are hosted on a local Datto device.

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