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by Muktware

posted on Saturday, October 26th, 2013

posted in ownCloud in the news

There are so many online word processors including Google Docs, Office 365, iWorks and many others that one may wonder ‘do we need another one?’ I think we do.


2 Comments on this post:

  1. For a million reasons, YES! We TOTALLY need this to exist. Just a few of the most compelling reasons:

    *National Google Bans
    *Personal Empowerment
    *All of the creative, wonderful derivative products that would inevitably follow

    …..So go for it guys, go for it. I’m a high school teacher and as soon as you have a workable beta, it’ll be running on my in-class server to ensure low latency and student understanding of the tools they use each day. Google docs is nice and all, but its closed nature makes it difficult to give an appreciation of just what a significant leap forward it was over traditional word processing. Having students design their own server each year for thier projects gives them a sense of ownership of (and therefore understanding of, and therefore, less intimidation from) the technologies they use every day.

  2. Baybars Kumbasar

    Yes we need this. There are a few alternatives but they are extremely limited in capability and implementation just isn’t good enough.

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