New on the ownCloud mobile clients: Share Link

Posted by ownCloud GmbH – 3. March 2014

As many of you know, one of ownCloud 6 Community Edition’s new features was the Sharing API. Now, with the sharing API in place, the new updated ownCloud mobile apps allow you to Share by Link directly from mobile clients.

Whether your friends and colleagues are ownCloud users or not, now you can share any document or folder with them using the ownCloud mobile apps. Just click on the “Share Link” option (included on the swipe menu and as well as the long press menu) and select how you want to share the link. Several options are offered from sending the link by email to copy the link or even post it on social networks.

And, it is not only possible to share a link but also to unshare it. If for any reason you want to stop sharing any data, click on the “Unshare Link” option and the link will expire just as easy as on the web interface.

The only requirement for you to start sharing your files and folders with a link is to update your server version. The Sharing API is included in ownCloud 5.0.13 and greater versions.

Of course, more options are coming related to Share, so that mobile clients can take advantage of the full feature set supported by the web interface – but we will not discuss too much about that now.

The iOS app is available in the Apple App store today and the Android one in the Google Play.

Take a look and have fun!

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