New Version of ownCloud App for Android Brings Better File Management and More Transparency for Developers

Posted by ownCloud GmbH – 19. June 2019

Version 2.11 of the ownCloud mobile app for Android provides users with more options for flexibly accessing and organizing files which they have stored in their ownCloud. With the newly developed “Document Provider”, files stored in an ownCloud can now be opened, edited or sent directly from within other apps. In addition, the new version of the app makes uploading files more convenient thanks to the consistent use of the Android File Picker. This increases usability significantly. In order to improve further development of the app, all app users are now able to easily create and send log files. Version 2.11 of the ownCloud mobile app for Android is now available for download in Google Play Store.

More Flexibility When Accessing Files

Using a so-called “Document Provider”, files in Android can be made accessible even outside their original app. From a user’s perspective, this integration is the most important feature of the new ownCloud app version. From now on it is possible to open files stored in ownCloud directly from within other apps. This convenient file access does not require a dedicated ownCloud integration with third-party apps. A typical example would be sending a file stored in ownCloud directly from within a messaging app.

Thanks to the integration, ownCloud files and folders can now be displayed and administered using the default file handling app of the respective Android version – in Android 7 and 8 it is the “Download” app, in Android 9 it is the “Files” app. After selecting the ownCloud account from the side menu of this default file handling app, users can directly access all files from their ownCloud. This also works from within third-party apps which use the default file handling app for any file access. Operations such as renaming folders or deleting files can now be executed not only in the ownCloud app itself, but also in Android’s default file handling app. This seamless integration makes it even easier for ownCloud users to access their files on the go.

Integration of the Android File Picker

In version 2.11 of the ownCloud app for Android the custom ownCloud file picker, which previously was in use in some places, has been replaced by the native Android file picker. All upload operations now have a uniform look and feel, regardless of whether an uploaded file is selected from the local storage or from within another app.

Easier Access to Offline Files

A small but very convenient improvement is the new menu item “Available Offline” in the side menu of the app. It provides app users with direct access to all files which are kept as local copies, synchronized with ownCloud. These offline files are still available when Internet access is limited or unavailable. Being able to access them from a single location within the app makes it easier to keep track of all locally stored files without having to navigate through folder structures.

Logs for All Users

While creating log files in earlier app versions was only available to users who had debug or beta versions of the app installed, this functionality is now included in the official app available via Google Play Store. This means that from now on any regular user can actively support the development team in improving the ownCloud app for Android by providing logs for bug reports and suggestions. The logging function can be activated with only a few clicks via the developer menu.


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