Beta 2 of ownCloud 5 now up

Thanks as always to a great community effort, we expect to launch GA in the next couple weeks.
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Some new features include:

New design

In ownCloud 5, the main navigation was redesigned to clearly differentiate it from the in-app navigations. This also allows the app more room and gives a better focus on the content of ownCloud directories.

Settings and Log-out menus are combined into a user menu on the top right, which also shows the currently logged in user and makes it more intuitive to use. The settings are further simplified and app-specific settings are moved from personal settings into the relevant apps.

To help people get their data synchronized, there is a new first run page linking the desktop and mobile apps as well as documentation on how to sync contacts and calendars. This info is also displayed in the personal settings – and makes getting started with ownCloud much easier for a user.

Deleted files

Finally, now users can undelete a file that was accidentally deleted through the web interface. Simply select the files in the “Deleted files” and they are returned to where they were deleted from, with versions maintained.

New search engine

A new Lucene-based full text search engine app is added. People can use the search to not only find files by name but also by content. Scanning is done in the background to ensure a responsive user experience for the users. This searches PDFs and text files at the moment only.

New photo gallery

ownCloud 5 contains an improved and rewritten photo gallery. It has a streamlined user interface with a slideshow feature. Photo galleries can also be shared with others.

Thanks as always to a great community effort, we expect to launch GA in the next couple weeks. Thanks a lot for everybody who contributed. Please note that this is not ready for production, but if you want to help with testing and bugfixing or want a preview then give it a try.

Download here: ownCloud 5.0 Beta 2

If you are near Nürnberg, Germany then come to our community meetup next Wednesday: ownCloud Meetup Nürnberg

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February 25, 2013

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