Corporate Espionage in the Cloud Era

ownCloud VP Products Matt Richards about "Corporate Espionage in the Cloud Era" on Cloudtweaks

By ownCloud GmbH

ownCloud secure cloud solution for filesharing

Just wanted to point everyone to this amazing story and my reaction to it posted here. Just your typical story of boy meets company, boy loses company, company suspects boy uses DropBox to steal client files. Protect you data!

ownCloud GmbH

February 15, 2012

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“Security is not a privilege”

“Security is not a privilege”

We spoke with Thomas Haak, CEO, Lywand Software, about his enterprise’s mission of making cybersecurity available easily for SMEs. Alongside, he also shared his experience regarding data security at ownCloud.

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Integrate ownCloud & Microsoft 365 to protect sensitive data

Integrate ownCloud & Microsoft 365 to protect sensitive data

Whether it’s files containing personal data (GDPR), intellectual property or sensitive corporate data from HR, finance or M&A, companies and organizations strive for seamless and easy-to-use digital collaboration even in those areas – both internally and externally. However, the special level of protection of certain data prohibits their processing in the public cloud. ownCloud can now be seamlessly integrated into Microsoft 365 as a “safehouse” for particularly sensitive data, keeping them out of the Azure Cloud.

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