Desktop Client 2.4.1 Release

Today we release the brand new ownCloud Desktop client. Our Focus on stability, file integrity and overall robustness reflects in this release. Make sure to update now!

In December we released the ownCloud Desktop Client Version 2.4.0 and today we follow up with Version 2.4.1.

The ownCloud Desktop Client comes with enhanced stability.

The Focus areas for this release are:

  • Enhanced Nautilus integration.
  • Cleaner User Experience and overall improvements to notifications and the synchronization of files.
  • Better implementation and integration of Client Filesystems.
  • Improved Sharing dialogue
  • and a lot more.

Of course, we offer the Desktop Client for any larger Linux Distribution, Windows, and Mac OSX.

Please check the Changelog for the details and update your ownCloud Desktop Client today!



March 6, 2018

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