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The ownCloud Infinite Scale Early Adopter Program

For the past years we have been working on a new project called "Infinite Scale". For this new file platform it was vital for us to gather feedback efficiently from a group of techies on a regular basis, like partners, customers and future users: thus the Early Adopter Program was born.
Infinite Scale Early Adopter Program

More and more questions have been reaching us in the past few weeks and months regarding our Early Adopter Program for ownCloud Infinite Scale and that is why we thought we would write a short blog post, explaining the Early Adopter Program, which we launched about this time a year ago.

What is the Early Adopter Program about?

As you may or may not know, our engineers have been working intensely on our new project called ownCloud Infinite Scale. This new innovative collaboration platform is currently a Technology Preview and soon – within the next few weeks – it will be in beta phase.

The Early Adopter Program was born out of a community spirit, to ensure and enable a transfer of knowledge with partners and developers who were interested in the detailed development of ownCloud Infinite Scale from the very beginning, giving us feedback, ideas and different perspectives.

It is no secret, that one of our very close partners with whom we have been working on ownCloud Infinite Scale is CERN (see for example this blog post or watch this talk from the ownCloud conference 2021), and this close collaboration has been very successful – for all involved.

What are the criteria to join this Early Adopter program?

Here are some of the criteria we ask participants to have, who would like to join this program:

  • have dedicated hardware for running oCIS in place
  • have dedicated staff to install, run and test oCIS
  • aim to set up ownCloud Infinite Scale in a way that it will go productive within an organization’s software environment in the future or with organization’s software solutions to be sold in the future
  • willingness to report bugs, give feedback and participate actively in the exchange of information in the early adopter group with ownCloud
  • we highly appreciate if different operating systems are in place
  • willingness to test various system environments (eg. IDP, LDAP, storage)
  • members need to accept that ownCloud Infinite Scale is still under development and there are no support obligations
  • the Early Adopter Program can only handle a certain number of members. So please be aware that ownCloud can’t guarantee access even if all of the above criteria are fulfilled.

What are the benefits of being part of this program?

  • having early technical insights into our project
  • being part of a group of developers with regular bi-weekly calls and vibrant technical exchange with the opportunity to raise questions at a very early stage
  • exchanging with other Early Adopter Participants any time (in chats) and learning from each other

How can I join or get more information about this program?

If the Early Adopter Program is something you would like to be part of and you would like to know if you can join it, or if you simply want to find out more about the program, then please do not hesitate to reach out to us at:! We will be happy to answer your questions and look forward to hearing from you!



March 29, 2022

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