Edit a Document With Collabora – Directly From a Public Link!

Did you know that you can share a document to easily edit it with others? The Collabora integration for ownCloud makes collaboration easy.

Today you can learn how to share a Libreoffice document with a friend, so you can both edit it at the same time with Collabora. Your friend does not need an ownCloud account for this, you can directly start editing.

Teamwork brought humanity forward, and sharing makes everyone richer. So the next time you need to write a party invitation, a presentation about your project, or a blog post about Open Source Software – share a link and let others contribute!


Step 0: Let the Admin Install Collabora

Disclaimer: Collaborative editing only works with the Collabora integration for ownCloud – ask your admin to install it. It’s free software and easy to setup – easiest via docker or with the appliance. To integrate it with ownCloud, admins need to install the Collabora integration app.

ownCloud Collabora app installation

Step 0: the ownCloud admin installs Collabora and integrates it with ownCloud.


Step 1: Upload a Document

First, you need to upload a document to ownCloud of course, or create a new one in the ownCloud web interface. Make sure you can open it in the browser.

ownCloud Collabora file upload

Step 1: upload a document to ownCloud.


Step 2: Share the Folder With the Document

You can now let other people collaborate with you. Just create a public link to the folder, where the document is saved. Then share it with your friend. They don’t need an ownCloud account.

ownCloud Collabora public link share

Step 2: share the folder with the document with a friend.


Step 3: Collaborate!

If you shared a folder with a document, your friend can open it in the browser and directly edit the document.

ownCloud Collabora collaborative editing

Step 3: collaborate on the document, in real-time and together.


This makes collaboration easy and efficient. Try it out today!


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December 29, 2018

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