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New app release: How to connect your Dropbox with api v2 as external storage to ownCloud

ownCloud Drop Box app v2. Keep your Dropbox in sync with your ownCloud. Google Summer of Code Student Hemant provides you with the Dropbox integration app.

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We are proud to release the awesome work of our GSoC Student Hemant Mann, today: The Dropbox integration External Storage: Dropbox

Earlier this year Dropbox announced to drop it’s api v1 in favour of dropbox api v2.

On September 28th the api v1 endpoint was turned off.


As of now still both authentication methods are available in ownCloud, while only api v2 with oauth2 works from now on. You may ask why ownCloud develops an app to access the storage of an competitor.

The reason is quite simple: We believe that ownCloud users should have access to their files from one secure, single point of access. ownCloud integrates well with all kinds of storages and dropbox is just one of them.

Just follow these easy steps to connect your ownCloud to Dropbox:


#1Screen Shot First make sure you are on ownCloud 10.0.3 (always keep your ownCloud up to date, not just for security reasons). If your default login looks like this you seem to be right :-).






Screen Shot 2017 10 02 at 10.40.17#2 Install the Dropbox app from the ownCloud market app in the upper left corner of your ownCloud installation.







Screen Shot 2017 10 02 at 10.55.32 13# Install the dropbox app and go to your admin settings in the upper right corner.




Screen Shot 2017 10 02 at 11.00.41

#4 Now in the Admin overview click storage. Add the storage connection in your overview and make sure you selected the dropbox connection with oauth2.


Screen Shot 2017 10 02 at 11.04.58  #5 Login to the dropbox developers page and create a new app:






#6 Then choose which folders to share, or to share everything in your Dropbox.

#7 Name Your App and then click Create App

#8 Under the section OAuth2 Redirect URIs add a new URL http://path/to/owncloud/index.php/settings/admin?sectionid=storage (Replace http://path/to/owncloud/index.php with your valid owncloud installation path)

#9 If you are a regular user you must use the URL http://path/to/owncloud/index.php/settings/personal?sectionid=storage

#10 Fill the details Client Id, Client Secrets from you Dropbox App page

#11 Click Grant Access and then you will be redirected for OAuth login

#12 After completing the OAuth you will be redirect back to Storage Section and you should see green mark along your storage configuration

That’s it.

You are ready to go.

In the near future with (10.0.4) we will remove the dropbox api v1 from core and continue our successful path in modularising the ownCloud platform.

oAuth2 as a an authentication industry standard will be soon available for all clients connected to the ownCloud server as well. We are working strongly on strapping unnecessary code from core and to further modularise the ownCloud platform to make development faster, more secure and easier accessible for developers, users and administrators all around the world.


Happy integrating and many thanks to Hemant!




October 2, 2017

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